Alpha Heal Grohair is the epitome of all hair loss treatments. An individual’s hair is a symbol of their identity. With the help of our out-and-out elite group of medical experts, you can get the best solution for your whole problem, like hair fall due to genetic problems, baldness, or hair loss due to any kind of treatment, such as chemotherapy, and so on. We have both permanent and temporary remedial measures for your hair. Our expert medical team can also help you with hair transplantation, brow shaping, dandruff treatment, and other hair-related issues. We uphold high standards for your perfect look. For your best appearance, we provide various types of treatments like Retention Plan, Restoration Plan, Super Speciality and Non-Clinical Treatments. With our full-fledged service, you can regain your self-esteem, confidence, and beauty to stand out from the crowd.


Alpha Heal Grohair is a full-fledged, constantly developing company in Trivandrum. We provide most advanced medical team for hair transplantation, microblading, eyelash lifts and extensions, and many more services with no scar and no pain.